Transforming Board Structure: Strategies for Committees and Task Forces

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Transforming Board Structure: Strategies for Committees and Task ForcesåÊwill enable your board to set up and use committees and task forces to enhance board operations.

The book provides a fresh look at committees and illustrates how boards can use simple and flexible work groups to streamline the work of the full board.

Discover the importance of reducing the number of standing committees and relying more on ad hoc groups and task forces to accomplish tasks on an as-needed basis.

The book covers:

  • Job descriptions and examples of common standing committees and task forces
  • Who should be on committees and task forces and how to recruit from the outside community
  • Paying attention to your board`s needs and ensuring your committees are working as effectively as possible
  • Determining the appropriate sub-structure for your board and how to regularly assess that structure

Don`t miss the customizable tools and worksheets available through the content download.

Author: Marla J. Bebowick, Sandra R. Hughes, Berit M. Lakey.

Pages: 56 pages

ISBN: 9781586860257