The Journey To A Customer Driven Marketplace: The Realities & Practicalities of Organisational Transformation


Does your board and executive understand what it needs to do to win in the new customer driven marketplace?

This video recording of the The Journey To A Customer Driven Marketplace with Michael Goldsworthy explores the strategic and organisational impacts and implications of the new customer-driven, competitive marketplace.

Never before and probably never again will the boards, chief executive officers and senior managers of Australian community businesses (NFPs) face such a cataclysmic shift in the way they need to think, behave and operate.

The shift from a government-funded, welfare paradigm to a customer-driven, competitive market paradigm should not be underestimated – there are immense strategic and organisational challenges as well as significant opportunities.

For leaders of community businesses the need to understand the realities and practicalities of re-engineering your business model, transforming your culture and reinventing your organisation is vital if your organisation is to be successful and sustainable in this new world order.

Presented by Australia’s leading not-for-profit board advisor, Michael Goldsworthy. As the principal consultant at Australian Strategic Services, Michael has worked with over 6000 not-for-profit organisations during his career. Michael has a profound understanding, practical experience and proven track record in assisting leaders (boards, chief executive officers and senior management teams) transform their organisations.

This 60-minute pre-recorded webinar covers:

  • What the customer driven market place means for NFPs.
  • The shift in board member and executive thinking required to navigate this new reality.
  • The strategic challenges boards face in this new environment.
  • Tips on the opportunities that organisations will have in the new customer driven marketplace.
  • How to Re-engineer Your Business Model, Transform Your Culture, Reinvent Your Organisation

This webinar is suitable for directors and executive of all levels.

What is included:

  • A recording of the webinar
 (60 minutes)
  • The slide deck
 in PDF
  • Copies of tools & templates from the webinar

  • A transcript of the webinar

You will be emailed a download link for the webinar and associated files when you purchase.