So you want to be a Company Director


So you want to be a Company Director has been written by an experienced Company Director for those who are seeking Board appointments for the first time or are already Directors with little knowledge of the role.

It is not intended to be a technical book but a simple explanation of the issues facing new Directors. It suggests ways to get on to Boards and the topics you need to know when there. These include:

  • Corporate structures
  • Legal matters
  • Financial oversight
  • Risk management
  • Strategic planning
  • Getting on with the CEO
  • Role of the Chairman
  • Director dynamics
  • Board papers
  • Committee work
  • Board meetings
  • Board performance
  • Not for Profit Boards
  • Family companies

With people being asked to become Directors every day it is a useful guide to the basics of being a board member. Warren Tapp knows the type of question people have about this topic and he has answered them all in this easy to read book.

Author: Warren Tapp

Pages: 193

ISBN: 9781742840468

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