Finding Work After 40

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Finding Work After 40 is a specific self-help book for older managers and professionals who have been made redundant and for those who cannot afford to retire but would like a new job or a career change.

Ageism is now a massive problem for older managers and professionals who have been made redundant. This guide presents a successful programme for mature workers, one that has been developed and tested by a network of executive job clubs.

Readers are taken through a process of self-assessment, shown how to re-examine their career goals in light of their age, and then given a set of tools to help achieve their objectives, whether it is finding new employment or becoming self-employed. The techniques described in the book have been developed for years and are proven to work.

Robin McKay Bell is an author and entrepreneur with a background in media. He has been an interim manager, a consultant and a business owner with start-up experience. Liam Mifsud worked in executive and career coaching and management training for several years and he's had an associate role with a career management company. He has recently made the transition back into mainstream corporate employment and is now an executive at a renewable energy company. The authors met at the Windsor and Maidenhead Executive Job Club, where Liam is co-Chair and a trustee.

Author: Robin McKay Bell & Liam Mifsud

Pages: 287 pages

ISBN: 9781408131251