Fieldstone Alliance Nonprofit Guide to Crafting Effective Mission and Vision Statements

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Too often, if you ask four people in a nonprofit what their organization's mission is, you'll get four different answers. Organizations without clearly defined and agreed-to mission and vision statements frequently find themselves adrift at sea, in real financial trouble, and unable to make an ongoing, positive impact on the community.

But an effective mission and vision statement can help an organization unify services and create a consistent approach to new program development.

Crafting Effective Mission and Vision Statements will help your organization develop (or revise) mission and vision statements that bring focus and direction to your work. With orderly, easy-to-follow steps, this engaging guide shows you how to:

  • Build ownership for the mission and vision statements among board and staff
  • Create a common understanding of your organization‰۪s goals

This useful 88-page guide also includes:

  • Definitions of mission and vision statements, how they‰۪re different, and how to use both for greatest benefit
  • A seven-step process to develop a mission statement that captures exactly what your organization does
  • A six-step process to create a vision statement based on stakeholders‰۪ ideas and the organization's history, capacity for growth, and fundraising potential
  • Four options to develop a vision for the short-term future
  • Worksheets to guide you through the entire process

Author: Emil Angelica

Pages: 78 pages

ISBN: 9780940069275