Driven by Purpose: Charities that make the difference

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Australian charities are in a crisis of identity that could impact the very fabric of Australian society – if charities lose their way, millions of the most vulnerable Australians could be affected.

Even as it powerfully addresses this challenge, Driven by Purpose provides practical analysis and expert advice on how charities can be highly effective, purpose-driven organisations now and into the future.

This is a must-read book for everyone in the charity sector, those concerned with their defining role in Australian society, and more broadly, anyone who longs to be driven by purpose in life and leadership.

Driven by Purpose: Charities that make the difference explores the crisis of identity at the heart of Australian charities and offers practical advice on rediscovering the purpose that drives and shapes your organisation.

Stephen Judd, Anne Robinson and Felicity Errington delve into the "who" and the "why" central to the purpose of a charity. This book analyses the historical and social context of Australian charities and considers the relationship between charities and Australian society.

Organisation leaders, managers and those interested in the way charities can impact their communities will find Driven by Purpose a refreshing and practical approach to this important topic.


This is an especially timely book. It is also useful and therefore important because Judd and Robinson have identified a crisis facing Australian charities as one of identity; charities know not who they are or why they do what they do. Everyone involved in the sector should read it.
Donald McDonald AC, Chair, The Australiana Fund, formerly Chair, ABC and CEO of Opera Australia

Driven by Purpose provides a comprehensive and clear picture of the Australian non-profit market. But it's much more than a needed analysis of how this complicated and nuanced sector works it's a call to arms about why efficiently run non-profits are the lubricant of a compassionate, civil society, and what needs to happen for them to be effective and purpose driven.
Michael Traill AM, Chief Executive, Social Ventures Australia

The book is a good read it will be a work that will promote discussion and hopefully an improvement in outcomes for the sector.
James M. Millar, Chair, The Smith Family

This book is a thorough and thought-provoking review of the crucial roles of charities and the tenets of excellent leadership, management and governance that are needed to focus them on the delivery of their primary purposes.
Mike Hudson, Author, Managing Without Profit

Author: Stephen Judd, Anne Robinson & Felicity Errington. With foreword by Tim Costello.

Pages: 336 pages

ISBN: 9780987189233

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