Clubs and Non-profits: Keeping the Books - A Simple Manual on Accounts and Tax

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Non-profit organisations in Australia cover a vast field, ranging from sporting bodies to social clubs, from small hobby groups to major charities and from trade unions to religious organisations.

Some bodies have large membership numbers and incomes and substantial accumulated wealth, but most do not. Thus, they cannot afford to engage full-time qualified employees to keep their books and to handle their finances. Instead, they rely on enthusiastic amateurs to volunteer their services.

It is for such persons that this book has been developed. It has been written in plain English and it has deliberately kept technical jargon to a minimum. The book assumes that its readers have no formal knowledge of accountancy or taxation.

In stages it discusses accounting needs, both during the year and for the annual report. One chapter deals with the use of computers and the Internet. Other important topics covered include management aspects, membership records, donations, income tax and the goods and services tax.

The financial responsibilities not only of honorary treasurers but also of the committees to whom they report are analysed. Specimen financial statements with worked examples and a detailed glossary supplement the main text.

This book includes a Foreword by Rhonda Galbally.

Author: N E Renton

Pages: 136 pages

ISBN: 9781862875609