Chief Executive Succession Planning: Essential Guidance for Boards and CEOs (Second Edition)

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Be Prepared for the Chief Executive's Departure

It might be tomorrow. It might be 10 years from now. But some day, the chief executive is going to leave the organization. If there is a well-thought-out plan in place, expect a smooth transition. If not, the departure could trigger a chaotic situation that reduces the organization's effectiveness and panics key stakeholders.

Chief Executive Succession Planning: Essential Guidance for Boards and CEOs (2nd Edition), provides a proactive approach so that organizations are prepared whenever the inevitable day comes.

You will learn

  • he differences between executive search and succession planning
  • how to create a system that ensures the organization always has an up-to-date succession strategy
  • how to get input from, and communicating effectively with, staff, key stakeholders, and the general public
  • five succession planning steps to take prior to the executive search
  • six key issues for the board to address during the executive search
  • how to ensure a smooth transition for your new chief executive
  • why it's important to begin the succession planning process with a new chief executive

The appendices include a sample emergency leadership transition plan, chief executive succession plan guidelines, and a sample chief executive profile.

While primarily aimed at board members, chief executives will also find the publication valuable, as will consultants, senior staff and others involved with nonprofit boards.

Author: Nancy R Alexrod

Pages: 69 pages

ISBN: 9781586861148