A Passion for Giving: Tools and Inspiration for Creating a Charitable Foundation

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A Passion for Giving is divided into two sections the first describes the How To with respect to developing a philanthropic effort (from a CRT to a private foundation and everything in between).

The first section starts with the genesis of charitable giving the estate plan and covers the different vehicles one considers when searching for a means for their charitable intentions. It also covers the mechanics of establishing and managing a private foundation-discussing such areas as family involvement, day-to-day management, investment coordination and management, governance and perpetuity vs. sunsetting.

The second section of the book gives the reader a case study of 5-6 existing private foundations what their missions are, how they operate, their successes and failures along the way-vignettes that speak to their passions for giving.

Author: Peter J Klein, Angelica Berrie

Pages: 293

ISBN: 9781118023877